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Founded in 1994 by Dr. Stephen Schultz, Health and Nutrition Technology (HNT) “Health One”provides medical facilities and The Weight Management Program of Salem with a comprehensive weight management program. Our team of health professionals and health coaches are dedicated to helping clients achieve long-term weight management.

Obese clients face numerous health risks, from early onset diabetes to heightened blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. National Institutes of Health recommends a 10% weight loss for significant reduction of obesity-related risk factors. It is important to have options for treating overweight and obese clients

HNT provides the Weight Management Program of Salem tools for exclusive use in our weight management program. Health One is a high quality, low-calorie meal replacement. The product was designed and tested by HNT and with the advice and review of a number of endocrinologists and nutritional scientists. It has undergone clinical evaluation at the following independent medical centers:


The program includes two phases:

Phase I Foundation

The goal of the Weight Management Program  is to teach you the skills to develop a healthy lifestyle. Using comprehensive classes in a supportive setting, you’ll focus on mastering four essential skill-sets:

Physical Activity

Personal coaching is key to our program. Accountability is at the core of the participant-coach relationship. You’re required to attend weekly behavior change classes, keep records and check in with the coach between classes. It is this high level of contact with your coach that makes this program unique.



Phase II Stride

Focuses on perfecting skills for health and weight management. We emphasize developing good nutrition and exercise habits for long term weight control. After learning the skill-sets in Phase I Foundation, you’ll put them to practice while focusing on four new skill-sets.

Habit Hacking

Weekly classes in Phase II Stride assure you progress in making this new way of life become long-term. Giving you confidence, energy, better health and over all satisfaction knowing weight loss and weight management can be permanent with dedication and determination.


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