Weight Management Salem

Phase I: Foundation

The goal of the Weight Management Program  is to teach you the skills to develop a healthy lifestyle. Using comprehensive classes in a supportive setting, you’ll focus on mastering four essential skill-sets:

  • Behavioral
  • Nutritional
  • Environmental
  • Physical Activity

Personal coaching is key to our program. Accountability is at the core of the participant-coach relationship. You’re required to attend weekly behavior change classes, keep records and check in with the coach between classes. It is this high level of contact with your coach that makes this program unique.

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30lbs or less

For people who want to lose 30 lbs or less. Holly Russo will coach you through six weeks on a meal plan using Health One as your primary source of food to jump start your weight loss goal.

  • 6 individual sessions with Health Educator
  • Weekly check-in & weigh-in
  • I complimentary group On-Going Practice class
  • 2 weeks on Health One meal replacement to jump start weight loss
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Phase II: Stride

Focuses on perfecting skills for health and weight management. We emphasize developing good nutrition and exercise habits for long term weight control. After learning the skill-sets in Phase I Foundation, you’ll put them to practice while focusing on four new skill-sets.

  • Consistency
  • Habit Hacking
  • Practice
  • Support

Weekly classes in Phase II Stride assure you progress in making this new way of life become long-term. Giving you confidence, energy, better health and over all satisfaction knowing weight loss and weight management can be permanent with dedication and determination.

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Research Shows our results are better than Lap-Band surgery!

Average weight loss of 51 pounds(21.4% of initial weight) was reported for Weight Management Program of Salem patients in a study published by Dr. Carney in the Journal of Diabetes, Science, & Technology in 2009.

After a year of maintenance, average weight loss was still over 40 pounds!

In comparison to Lap-Band surgery, our results are better–not only for initial weight lost and maintained after a year, but for percent of patients treated who achieve these results(JAMA 2009)

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